All Trauma Support Resources 2021

It has been a year of challenges and extremes once again.

Not sure which tops it; 2020 or 2021?

To wrap it up, here are all the articles and videos that have been published this year (click on each link to go to the article or video):

I have also created two new courses:

You can get early access now, for subscribers only, to the course on Healing from Narcissistic Abuse.

Additional material will be added over the next few months. You can lock in your lifetime access for a discounted price here:

Get access to the course on Healing from Narcissistic Abuse. Lock-in your lifetime access, including any future updates, right now. Learn more about:

  • Narcissistic Abuse & The Need for Validation Through Control, Manipulation & Subjugation.
  • Codependency,  The Attraction to An Abuser, Dis-empowerment & The Need for Narcissistic Supply. 
  • The Dynamic Between The Please-Appease and Narcissistic Personality.
  • Nervous System Rewiring &The Fear of Rejection When Exploring Boundaries. 
  • Institutional Narcissistic Abuse & The Inner Work Preceding Over "Changing The World."

And, the second course of the year is On Sleep & Insomnia Related to Post Traumatic Stress.

You can find more info on what exactly is in it by following the button below.

Get The Full Course On Sleep & Insomnia Consisting of 5 Somatic Meditations that Cover:

  • Trying to Overcome Sleep & How It Creates Conflict
  • Addressing The Deeper Layers of Why You Can't Sleep
  • Physiological Tools to Help You Sleep
  • When Sleep Is Your Escape, Your Dissociation
  • Burnout, Pleasing, Sleep Issues, and Post-Traumatic Stress

To your recovery!