Masterclass with Roland Bal

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  • John says:

    It was good to learn that in a state of shut down, there is maybe self-reproach and self-hate, and the wish to get out of the feeling of being depressed and/or to be somewhere else, to have a solution, whereas the actual way is to observe, acknowledge and accept the feeling of the depression, in meditation etc., and thereby dissolve it. Also that part of the aim in coping with adversity is to generate more capacity to hold what is affecting you.

    • Roland says:

      Indeed. When you meet what is rather then resisting or drowning in your currents state, the energy moves into awareness. From there, you start to move out of the depression state and can become more aware of the underlying thoughts of self-reproach, self-hatred. By doing the same there, observing those thoughts, you then start to connect with the underlying emotion that gives rise to those thoughts which is anger.

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