Resolving Complex Trauma & PTSD

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Find here an overview of our current courses and services to help you recover from Complex Trauma or PTSD

The Trauma Care Exclusive Package

Start reversing the process of dissociation with The Trauma Essentials Series & The Trauma Care Meditations

Course on Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

When you have decided that enough is enough; healing from narcissistic abuse 

Course On Sleep & Insomnia

Related to Post-Traumatic Stress

Improve restless sleep, sleeplessness & insomnia

Online Counseling with Roland Bal

Individual counseling is like taking an airplane; you cover the distance much faster

Roland bal - Healing PTSD

The Most Important Journey..

I won’t lie about it; working through Complex Trauma or PTSD is a tough journey to make. It takes patience, persistence, and dedication, as there will be moments of breakdown before breakthroughs. Often, it will feel like you are navigating a minefield, where you have to be careful to not open up too much all at once, and feel overwhelmed again, while at the same time steadily keep pushing forward into potentially dangerous emotional territory.

However, through careful entry and exit into that emotional territory—while avoiding the extremes of getting too overwhelmed or dissociated—you will be able to build up resilience and containment.
It is in that state of sufficient resilience and containment that you are starting to process your past and, from there, can create the possibility of a new future.
I am convinced that we can do this, and it would be an honor to facilitate you on your healing journey.

To your recovery!

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