Sleep & Dissociation

I have recently added a new meditation to the Course On Sleep & Insomnia Related to Post-Traumatic Stress named;

  •  When Sleep Is Your Escape, Your Dissociation

This particular meditation deals with when you sleep excessively and when sleep becomes a form of dissociation; a way to disconnect from reality.

That state tends to very often go together with feeling stagnant or being depressed.

Here is a sample video of the first 2:34 minutes:

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  • Trying to Overcome Sleep & How It Creates Conflict
  • Addressing The Deeper Layers of Why You Can't Sleep
  • Physiological Tools to Help You Sleep
  • When Sleep Is Your Escape, Your Dissociation
  • Burnout, Pleasing, Sleep Issues, and Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Ewa Henner says:

    Yes I think the whole law of attraction thing makes it seem as if you are failing to do it right if you haven’t got where you think you ought to be. I am an artist ( as well as a survivor and a healer) and actually only when I let go of thinking I should be achieving success out there can I truly fllow in my creativity. I am then authentic and more connected with my essence. If my focus is on achieving some high outer goal I am not present to myself and usually feel dissatisfied very quickly afterwards.

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