PTSD Recovery Testimonials

I have been honored many times by being part of someone’s PTSD recovery and healing process and contributing to that person’s recovery process and overall health.

I have worked with people suffering from all kinds of ailments, including strokes, brain-injuries, post-surgery, post-birth, and post-accident issues; fibromyalgia and other chronic pains; depression, cancer, addiction, mild and severe abuse, neglect, misattunement, rape and sexual abuse, ritual abuse, being unwanted, Parkinsons, arthritis, bulimia, migraines, and too many other issues to mention.

Every person I have connected with has taught me something. Some I have helped partly along their way; with others, I have been witness to a complete transformation. Each one has had a story to tell and has taken something valuable out of our relationship.

I look forward to getting in touch with you.


  • In the brief time you’ve spent with me, you’ve had a tremendous impact on how I interact with myself, and I wanted to thank you with my sincerest appreciation and gratefulness. I am truly blessed to have been counseled by you.–Tammy, Canada

  • Thank you, Roland, for making the process a little less frightening, for teaching me how to find acceptance, for watching over me, and reminding me of your teachings each time stress alters the way I perceive my environment and ultimately has me questioning reality. If it weren’t for you and your holistic treatment plan I’d still be running, fear-stricken, and stuck in panic. Thank you for helping me create enough space in my mind and body to enjoy life again.–Kristin, USA

  • I am 47 and have suffered from depression, mental and physical abuse since I was a little girl. I tried medications, multiple local therapist, read several “self-help” books and articles; however, nothing worked. Over the years my depression became so intense I turned to alcohol, drugs, self-harm and even attempted suicide to get away from the pain I felt inside. I saw Roland’s website on Facebook and started to read everything. For the first time in my life I connected with what he said and how I felt. I was a little nervous about internet counseling but I gave it a try. I learned more and felt better after one session then I had in all my past counseling. He picked up on verbal and nonverbal things I said, he connected with me immediately. I knew I wasn’t alone in fighting my thoughts and feelings and depression anymore. For the first time, I had hope that my life would change. Roland is very unique compared to traditional “western medicine” here in the US. He listens attentively,  focuses on the real issue at hand, responds calmly, gives healing objectives solely based on individual personality and lifestyle. He provides education and helps explain the connection between past trauma, thoughts and feelings. I can email him between sessions if I am having a “dark day” and he always responds in a timely fashion  and gives feedback to help, and will offer additional sessions if schedule allows. A year ago my life was spiraling out of control and now my life has purpose. Roland has helped me work through past trauma and taught me new ways to deal with my thoughts and feelings. I have a reason to live, a reason to get up every day. I have more self esteem, confidence, mental strength and peace within myself than I have ever had. I am beginning a new life for myself.  I take one day at a time and continue sessions with Roland. Healing from trauma can take some time but with Roland by my side I know I can get there. Thank you Roland for saving my life. I have a saying “Feel the fear and do it anyways” and that’s what I did when I reached out to Roland.–Shannon, USA

  • I reached out to Roland when I was going through an extremely rough period of my life, on a personal and professional level, which left me technically bed-ridden, mentally traumatized, distrustful and desperate. I was in an emotional black hole marked by extreme anger, frustration, despair and deep sense of betrayal. I could not cope with the successive, relentless, abrupt losses that I was going through and I did not want to take medication to numb the excruciating emotional and physical pain. Roland helped me via Skype sessions, from the safety of my home thousands miles away, to deal with the manifestations of the traumas one by one, as well as contemplating and defining my feelings and getting in touch with the origin of my traumas to dissolve them without dwelling on the past. His forward teachings and techniques are timeless and unique. I still use them whenever I am facing a surge of negative emotions because he, unlike other therapists, trained me how to feel the feelings and emotions, not how to bury or ignore them or be ashamed by them. I highly recommend him because he brings back your own hidden powers and strength to the surface. He helped me resurrect from the ashes.–Karen, USA

  • Thank you Roland for everything that we have done together. You have helped me to access deeply buried feelings and emotions and have made it possible to progress with my life again. It has been invaluable and essential.–Erica, UK

  • I am a practicing CranioSacral therapist and mother of two teenagers. I found Roland via his website. I had been diagnosed with PTSD following a near fatal car accident 21 years ago and felt I never addressed the core issues that were repeating in my life ever since, including a hard marriage and a protracted, difficult divorce. Raised by international parents in a large family of 7 with frequent moves, I guessed that I may carry familial ‘stuff’ but it was only through Roland’s sensitive intelligent guidance that I realized that the car accident was not the primary cause of repeating patterns of anger, frustration, fear, and sadness that haunted me. His relaxed gentle pace helps one to assess how much one can take or how fast the individual can go. I feel like we have dug up mountains of earth with a teaspoon, and uncovered stuff I had buried from my earlier years which helped forge my ‘compulsively’ driven, chaotically creative personality. I no longer feel like the 15 long years in marriage and divorce hell were a waste of time. I cherish the gift of self acceptance and inner knowledge that the work with Roland has given me, and I strongly recommend the holistic nature of Roland Bal’s singular approach to anyone curious or worried about stress or distress resolution. Be assured that all are in a safe and in a respectful space with Roland Bal. I know he developed his skills out of many years of CranioSacral therapy on thousands of clients and confirm his effective stress trauma resolution therapeutic model.–Jacqui, France

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  • I am really grateful for your concern, understanding and your immense knowledge. There were times I wouldn’t have known what to do without our next meeting. With an immense THANK YOU!–Karlota, Germany

  • We all have teachers on our journey, and I consider you one of the great teachers as well as pivotal healers in my life. Thank you so much Roland.–Kelly, Canada

  • I’m a 50 year old woman who has experienced many different therapists since the age of 19. My experience with Roland has been one of, if not THE best so far. I can highly recommend him. Pragmatic, to the point, with a huge respect for my emotions and/or resistances which, at times, popped up during the therapy process. I didn’t experience any problem whatsoever with the Skype sessions in comparison to taking sessions in person (besides some minor technical problems which were relatively easy to overcome). I have been able to deal with more issues then I had thought of and I really have the feeling I have resolved things within myself, giving me inner peace. Superb person; thank you for stepping into my life!–Monique, Switzerland

  • I thought I had a form of Complex PTSD but you pointed out that I was suffering from development trauma and attachment issues, which has helped make my condition more clear to me. With all the online information available it gets confusing! Thanks for being professional, emphatic and sincerely interested in my story. During the sessions, I have learned a lot about how trauma works, which I can use for the rest of my life, and have started to feel my emotions and body again. It’s an empowering and liberating experience and I feel really much better. I believe I now have the right tools to start building my resilience and look at a brighter future.–Adriaan, Holland

  • Thank you Roland for everything. To feel the positive changes with in me is awesome, especially when I am dealing with people from the past who were a part of creating the stress responses in me. I can feel now I am in charge of my feelings, and that has a significant impact on how things are managed and ultimately the outcomes. Thank you for your integrity and patience.–Leanne, Australia

  • I have been visiting Roland’s practice for about 10 years. During that time he has helped me deal with various health issues, including cancer (from which I am happily fully recovered), as well as mental preparation for certain elective preventive surgery. Roland is always sensitive to the needs of the patient, not only identifying the areas on which he needs to focus but also knowing instinctively whether the patient needs to talk through certain issues that have manifested themselves in physical blockages. I completely trust Roland’s integrity and ability and would highly recommend him to anyone dealing with trauma or experiencing emotional stress.–Julie, UK

  • I sought professional help to assist releasing emotional residue (as Roland calls it). After many years of working on my traumas intellectually, I came to a point of not understanding how and why those emotions were still so present in my life. Little did I know that processing trauma in my head alone wasn’t enough. Roland has helped me open a new door into my life journey in a short space of time, and has given me tools which I can use to bring more emotional stability. In my case, I was dealing with a lot of unresolved anger, frustration, resentment and fear, due to childhood experiences. I’m now able to connect with the emotion in my body when it arises, so it’s definitely far more manageable. I appreciate Roland’s knowledge and expertise alongside his empathy and care in each session, which has guided me deeply into my inner forgotten child, crying out to be taken along with me in my journey. I’ve been recommending him to everyone I know who would benefit from his help as much as I did. Our emotional health is much worthier than any investment we chose to make, which will certainly improve our life’s quality a long way. Thank you for everything.–Leilane, Brazil

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  • Roland has helped me to release tension I have had since childhood. Even though I had tried various methods such as bio-resonance, acupuncture and ayurveda, I experienced only temporary relief. Not only did I reconnect with myself through working with Roland, but I also learned how I function and what patterns I had that kept me from breaking the cycle. Roland’s ability to take you to the source of your physical and emotional worries is incredible.–Michel, Luxembourg

  • Thank you Roland for your skillfulness in gently and respectfully taking me out of my comfort zone. I have felt supported while connecting with very deep patterns and painful, scary, embarrassing, shameful memories that I had inside, and you thereby helped and guided me to transmute and integrate them. It has been like going through a narrow pathway, slowly increasing body and emotional awareness and switching my perspective in a positive way. I feel like I have taken the responsibility over my life back, and increased feeling secure within myself again. It has been a subtle, profound and highly effective teamwork, true alchemy and a blessing for body and soul. I would highly recommend anyone to work with you.–Ana, Portugal

  • Roland understands the issues surrounding P.T.S.D. profoundly and is a gentle and lovable person to work with. I have both enjoyed as well as learned from his sessions and healing has been tangible for once.–Gerry, Holland

  • I had a motorbike accident 2 years ago. A car disregarded a traffic light and I ran into it. Luckily I didn’t break anything, but it was the worst thing that ever happened to me. From that moment everything went to hell! Nobody could tell me what I had and why I had so much pain in my back. They told me that the pain would go in time although I insisted to continue doing rehabilitation and visiting different doctors to check why I had this INSUFFERABLE pain, going from treatment to treatment, all of them very painful, without much effect. The worst part of the story was that nobody could suggest anybody to take that pain out of my body. Some treatments did help me in the end, and the pain was not as insufferable as in the beginning. but I still had a big pressure on my lumbar and left hip. It was my boss who recommended that I see Roland, who is an expert in trauma, and I thought why not try it??? In our sessions he explained me how he works and I realized how important our organs are in our body. I now wondered why I didn’t realize that an accident like the one I had could traumatize me emotionally, and this would have an effect on my organs and muscle tensions. Not knowing this kept me from healing. One of my last and intensive sessions helped me to regain my sense of freedom. I relived my accident, second by second, together with another I had previous to this one… and I could face the most critical moment, giving me the opportunity to say to the driver what I thought without fear of judgment. I expressed my anger telling the driver “I hate him, that he ruined two years of my life, and I wish him the worst” …. and I started crying (and I thought previously I had everything solved). My belly was really noisy afterwards, something from inside started to express itself. Suddenly I started to feel my neck and shoulders as if I had done sports for 5 hours and then started to relax totally. All tensions evaporated. When I left the practice I felt like flying and most of all I felt good because I was understood, somebody listened to me and helped me to give a sense of meaning to all I had experienced. Now I feel much better, without tension and pressure in the places in which I had pains. I am Healing! Thank you Roland!!–Kiara, Spain

  • I have been really enjoying the space since our last session in particular. Firstly, my great big thanks to you for suggesting gently and guiding me sensitively back to ‘The Accident’. It was a life changing moment for me. And your questions helped me to start to see it in a new context. Cognitively from reading Peter Levine I knew it should be possible; however, it took this session with you to surface a major part of it. I never realized I was hit and I was a proper nut-case in hospital afterwards. The members of staff and family would tell me the story and I was going “oh ya, sure, that’s funny”. So I was in a state of overwhelm with my body’s resources surging with adrenaline in fight or flight mode. And they got stuck there. Wooop! It was such a release for my left arm to stand out and me to say STOP to the driver. I have to say Thank you for this amazing new insight! I have had new energy since, and am being better to myself as well. Eating and sleeping. It is not the first time I “saw” the accident. Through hypnosis I went back once. It was good too, but I feel this is more durable perhaps.–Jacqueline, New Zealand

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  • I met Roland just when I needed it! At that time I was going through a period of anger and frustration, and what was worse, I could not determine the reason why. Roland’s therapy was the bridge for me to start to understand that emotions leave “marks” in my body, and that precisely by listening to those “marks”, while remembering events of the past, I am able to reconnect with my emotions. Roland guided me to discover how anger and frustration manifests in me and how to calmly process it by understanding my emotional patterns. I definitely recommend Roland’s therapy, since his wide understanding of these emotional patterns can bring light to one’s self-discovery and self-healing; at least, that is the effect it had on me. Roland’s therapy with me concluded after only 5 sessions, but it was enough to start an ability to learn about myself that has not stopped yet. After my sessions, I am able to identify why I react in certain ways with given daily life situations, and most importantly to be able to accept them has they are. By accepting these emotions, I have felt more detached from them and I have managed to let go of them! Thank you very much Roland!–Alex, Denmark

  • Thank you so much Roland. Working with you on my issues, when burnout hit me, has helped me to open many doors and to fight for what had to be changed in my life. It really brought me into touch with my capacities and affirming my needs. I know now it is possible to overcome the demons that haunt us if we are willing to face them!–Brigitte, Luxembourg

  • Thank you! You are the best!–Nicole, Germany

  • I met Roland when he gave a talk on post trauma related stress and bodywork and found his approach innovative and interesting. Consequently, I booked a series of sessions during which we explored the issues which have had a profound effect on my physical and psychological self. He allowed me to connect with these difficult experiences calmly, exploring them without judgment. It was powerful to feel just how deeply entrenched these feelings are in my physical body and how by opening them, bringing them into movement, I was able to become more conscious, making them present and not just past memories ingrained in my subconscious. I now feel I can picture and assimilate these painful moments with greater objectivity and move on. Thanks Roland for your help; I learned a lot in a short space of time.–Nick, UK