Trauma Support Resources 2020

It has been a year of extremes. A year of division, of polarities.

When dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress, you may have found yourself sliding back into some of your old survival responses, due to external stresses triggering you, and I think this is normal given the circumstances.

It has been a hard year for many, with addiction, suicide, domestic violence, and PTSD on the rise.

I am not going to paint you a rosy colored picture of the state of affairs. There is a breakdown of society, a centralization of power, and it is likely going to last awhile before things will start to look brighter.

From a larger perspective, there are cycles of contraction and expansion of consciousness happening continuously in lesser and larger degrees. What we may find ourselves in right now is an extreme contraction which is visible in our collective and individual psychology.

What was hidden is emerging and showing itself in all its colors.

This is a time for change and transformation; to heal and confront the parts of ourselves that we weren’t willing or able to see and that have now come to the forefront.

The challenge is not getting pulled into reaction, into polarization, into division. The moment that energy flows outward into “what should” or “what shouldn’t be”, there is a moving away from being able to observe oneself and heal one’s broken parts.

I agree, this is incredibly hard to do when you are already dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress and on top of that the current social climate, but certainly possible!

It might be the time to move our attention away from the old paradigm, knowing that any reaction will feed but more energy to it.

As the year is winding to an end, I wanted to share the resources that I produced this year.

I also want to keep that focus on healing, on possibility, on community, on creativity, on being attuned, amidst all the turmoil.

Here goes:

  1. Negative Body Image, Eating Disorders and Complex Trauma
  2. Fight-Flight-Freeze Responses and The Vagus Nerve
  3. Fight or Flight Examples: Attraction, Reaction, and Reenactment
  4. [VIDEO] The Process of Dissociation
  5. Are You Being Consumed by Your Reality?
  6. [VIDEO] Emotional Boundaries, PTSD, and Complex Trauma
  7. [NEW EBOOK] On Trauma and Dissociation
  8. [VIDEO] Complex Trauma and How to Start Meditation

To your recovery,