Are You Being Consumed by Your Reality?

Your reality is where your identification is placed. It is your story and circumstances, when unaware, that consumes your attention.

There is an implicit demand to chose sides. To have an opinion. To judge. To chose one over the other.

Furthermore, your choices are informed by your unresolved emotions that relate to your past.

For example, both to comply or to fight authority can be impulses generated from your past. That authority can be embodied by your boss, your government, mandates, your dad, partner, you name it.

Taking A Step Back

Rather than being fully consumed by your current circumstances, choosing sides, and channeling your energy into resentment, self-righteousness, or disgust, can I invite you to take a step back?

When you hold that energy, those feelings of resentment, self-righteousness, or fault-finding, without giving it further energy, can you allow that energy to flow into awareness?

As you allow yourself to NOT further act-out, through reaction, can you question what is just below those excessive thoughts? What is the emotion that fuels the criticism, the fault-finding, the self-righteousness?

A Shift In Perception of Time

When you go into it, you can likely feel a shift in time. The immediate, your thoughts and circumstances, become a little less important, and possibly the anger that is just below the surface can start to be felt.

See if you can hold that without being consumed by it nor being pushed out again into your thoughts.

Question further, is that anger familiar to you?

To whom or what situation of your past does it relate to?

Can you see how it is acted out and projected onto the here and now?

This is hard work because your attention wants to go outward and engage with the immediate, your thoughts and environment.

That said, you will never be able to fully control your outward circumstances. You cannot change others unless they want to change and there will always be those who are in power and are abusing their power.

Reaction Is NOT Non-Action

Should you then become apathetic, compliant, obedient? Certainly not and it isn’t what I am suggesting. If you are in a position of power, act! If you can create community, do so! If you have the means to find a more peaceful place to live, by all means, follow your intent!

You live in this world where you need to act. What I am trying to get across is that your outer world is informed by your inner world, both collective and individually; and the more you have your own “house” in order, the less you are triggered by outside events, people, and circumstances.

When you are able to see through your own responses, and not further react, your actions can come from a different place. By changing your patterns, you are changing the energetic fabric of the collective because you are not further contributing to the same cycle.

Let Us Go A Little Deeper

Can you question your anger? Can you move with it and digest some of it? Can you voice it without blame, resentment, self-righteousness? When anger is expressed constructively, as your “yes” or “no” or what you want or do not want, your anger becomes healthy boundaries.

Once you are able to contain your anger to some degree and some of its charge has been released, transformed, or integrated, go even further.

Connect with the hurt, the sadness that directly relates to the anger. The pain of not being validated or appreciated. The hurt of abused vulnerability and how it relates to your particular story.

Process that pain. Allow it to flow into awareness so the past does not further inform your present and project into the future.

We are living in an extraordinary time. Take full advantage of it.

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