Overcoming Trauma and PTSD

Overcoming Trauma and PTSD

“Overcoming” is one of those words so often used: Overcoming trauma and PTSD, your condition, your struggles, your suffering, your symptoms;  it is very enticing, seductive, and alluring as a concept. The trouble is, it doesn’t work!  Worse still, it perpetuates the condition.

I know this sounds counterintuitive, if not offensive, so let’s explore together the “ins” and “outs” of it:

The Cycle of Overcoming Trauma and PTSD and How it Keeps You Stuck

Overcoming implies a sense of resistance to what is; an internal place where you don’t want to be.  What follows, then, is a reaction to it; an effort to try to change it; to try to improve on “what is”.

When we are overwhelmed by emotional and/or physical stress this is only natural; it is part of a survival strategy.

The trouble with focusing on wanting to be healthy, on feeling good, remains intrinsically linked to the trauma and overwhelming emotions; it becomes a continuous effort, a constant preoccupation with being in a different mental state.

This cycle of overcoming trauma and PTSD has specific features.

Let’s look at the picture below:


It is imperative to be aware of these cyclic build-ups and release processes; otherwise, you will be unable to negate them.

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