Trauma Is the Gateway to Addiction

Why Addressing Trauma is Paramount

I can’t stress this enough: Trauma is the Pandemic.

Trauma is the gateway to addiction.

Trauma is what perpetuates violence, poverty, wars, and ongoing abuse on a micro and macro level.

Trauma is often the cause of many of the chronic health issues that plague our societies.

Trauma as a Collective Manifestation

Trauma and its patterns of reenactment are the cause of the ongoing lies, deceits, struggles of power, destabilization of countries, and mistrust between human beings.

That being is said, Trauma is hardly addressed at all.

The severity and long-term effects of Trauma are continuously minimized, stigmatized, or downright ignored.

It is, however, the root cause of conflict.

How Trauma Creates Reality

If we don’t heal as individuals and collectively, we will stay exactly where we are.

I don’t care how many peace treaties are signed, how many mantras you sing, how long you stand on your head, visualize colors and do your affirmations; if you, and we as a collective, do not address the emotional residue that is Trauma, things will not change.

From a very young age, I have seen very clearly that our emotional patterns create the reality around you and us.

They decide who you attract and who you reject, who you relate to and the life situations that you create around yourself.

The Power of Reenactment

These reenactments happen both on an individual micro level and on a collective macro level.

Think of your own personal situation or that of some of your friends or loved ones, where you see how these reenactment patterns are played out and early life patterns and situations are recreated; or, look at situations on a macro level, in which certain regions on earth are in a perpetual cycle of war, conflict, or poverty due to Trauma that is passed down from one generation to another.

Working through Trauma

The issue of Trauma is real. It is actual.

You do not need to be a psychologist, psychiatrist, or psychotherapist to be able to see this.

You do not need more labels, more diagnoses, or more specialists to think for you and disempower you.

Trauma is at the root of the many mental/emotional disorders that we have today.

Patience and Persistence to Make Headway

It is by learning about yourself—why you act in or act out in a certain way, how your emotional survival patterns reenact themselves in your relationships—that you can lessen your conflict.

It is through patience and persistence that you pave the way towards healing.

It is by creating a cognitive framework that you start to understand your patterns and behaviors, which will help to lessen the guilt, blame, shame and excessive thoughts that you have been having.

The Body as a Resource to Healing

It is by starting to get entry into the body—from which you have dissociated in order to survive—that you can start to feel again and process, integrate, or release the emotions that have been held in the body.

This work needs to be done by YOU. By each one of US. Nobody is going to do it for you. There are no saviors, no gurus, no specialists who are going to do this for you.

Be wary of those who promise you a bright future and sell you hope. This road is tough, ugly, hard, and full of breakdowns before breakthroughs. It is a long road, and not for the fainthearted.

Breakdowns and Breakthroughs in the Process of Healing

I am not going to sugarcoat this for you.

Yes, you will have breakthroughs. You will have moments of peace and lightness. You will start to see your patterns more clearly. You will start to notice that you stay stuck in a trigger and activation for less time each time, provided that you do the work.

This is healing.

Containment and Boundaries

Meeting your emotional pain of the past—within sufficient containment—will help you to process what you have been holding inside.

Redefining the boundaries of what you want or don’t want, or what you allow and won’t allow is part of your growth.

Allowing yourself to open up—with new discernment—and take on new projects, relationships, and ventures will become part of your learning, your exploration, and your expansion into more of yourself.

I am inviting you on this healing journey.

Questioning and Being Inquisitive

Question everything.

Your own patterns, other people’s motives, what and whom you want or don’t want in your life.

How you want to live.

Don’t take “no” for an answer if an intention is aligned with your purpose. Keep to your intention, keep finding possibilities, people you resonate with, and opportunities to improve your life.

It is on this premise that I invite you to go through this website and the resources provided. 

  • Do you want to reduce anxiety, hyper-vigilance, and being “ON” alert constantly?
  • Do you want to move out of a dissociated, fatigued and depressed state?
  • Do you want to work with anger and reestablishing boundaries?
  • Are you interested in sleeping better, having better relationships, and being able to live a normal life?

I have created The Trauma Care Exclusive Package which address the most fundamental insights into the processes of trauma and dissociation and how you can work through them.