Ayahuasca Trauma Recovery and Why It Is So Hard

Keywords: Ayahuasca Trauma Recovery.

I recently met up with Charles Shaw. Charles is a producer and director of among others; 'Exile Nation: Drugs, Prisons, Politics & Spirituality,' 'AT HOME in the DARK' and his current post-production 'SOLDIERS OF THE VINE.’

Having gone through severe trauma and upsets in his own life Charles recounts his experiences openly, and we take it from there to talk about Ayahuasca trauma recovery and ways it can help one's healing process and what possible contraindications there might be.

Ayahuasca Trauma Recovery and The Pitfalls

We also addressed other topics: the necessity of a support structure to assist recovery, learning about boundaries and how going through hard times might make for more resilience and Charles latest production project 'SOLDIERS OF THE VINE.'

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  • Kim says:

    I recently began micro dosing psilocybin, in addition to trauma therapy. I work with a psychedelic integration psychotherapist.
    I am absolutely amazed at how quickly the psilocybin quieted the chatter in my head. Something numerous antidepressants have never been able to do over the past 40+ years .
    The research is out there …
    If used properly under the guidance of a trained therapist, I believe the use of psychedelics is the future of mental health treatment
    ***of course psychedelics are still illegal in many parts of the world . I am only sharing my personal experience

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