Why You Are Being Manipulated to Groupthink

There is nothing new under the sun. What happens in today’s world has happened before. The dynamics might vary, but the essence is the same.

Empires rise, and empires fall.

On a global scale, there is a shifting of power. Crises are manufactured to stay—and centralize control further—while at the same time control is crumbling. Forces are at play between decentralized and centralized powers, and between the East and the West.

In order to exert control, you need groupthink. Groupthink is pervasive, and influenced by propaganda. It does not matter where you are, be it China, Russia, India, the EU, or the US; in times of crises, groupthink is being promoted and what underlies that is the need to belong.

In order to exert control, you need groupthink. Groupthink is pervasive, and influenced by propaganda.

Consensus is manufactured through manipulation of emotion, and the fastest way to achieve that collectively is through widespread fear.

One of the most basic human fears is to be excluded, rejected, or to not belong. For millennia, to be excluded from the tribe or society would mean certain death; hence, the strong emotional attachment to the need to belong.

For the manipulation of the fear of not belonging to be successful, you have to be continuously exposed to “institutionalized” trauma, which keeps people in a constant state of fight-flight anxiety. Your opinion can only be easily influenced to support the cause at hand when you are in a perpetual state of feeling overwhelmed.

Non-Dual Awareness Brings Containment to Emotion

Again, what underpins groupthink and mass opinion is the need to belong, fueled by being in constant fight-flight-freeze, or overly pleasing, and feeling overwhelmed.

With the above, I am describing some of the emotional processes that are involved that shape our societies during times of crisis, both collectively and individually.

It is non-dual awareness that allows you to look at the emotions that move you and the collective.

That awareness, however painful it might be, gives you the opportunity to take a step back, to not get too involved with politics, religion, science, or the economy—the four pillars of this reality that solicit your constant involvement through choice and opinion.

When you stop “giving” away emotional energy by containing your responses, that energy is allowed to move into awareness and will help you to navigate your personal life, which in turn informs the collective.

That non-dual awareness is of essence in creating a new paradigm.

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