The False Premise of Psychological Progress in PTSD

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Keywords: Psychological Progress.

We, as a society, and the individual at large, seem to be lost in a constant search for the 'more.' The constant 'bettering' of ourselves on various levels; financially, emotionally, by wanting more influence, a better image or relationship. We have become addicts to the 'more' even if we might have enough, materially, to be comfortable. This seems to be the very essence of our human suffering despite having wealth or not.

With Jan Hutchins and Roland Bal, we explore how everything seems to be growing into extremes in this day and age; the rich are becoming richer, the poor poorer, the sick sicker and the healthy healthier.

Can We Question Psychological Progress

Is there another way to approach life and living?

Can we move into a state of mind that is based on collective sharing?

Or do we have to learn the hard way first and will destruction be our awakening?

What is your take on psychological progress? Leave your comment below.

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