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Roland Bal

I am the founder of this website and take care of the daily workings of keeping this platform for Resolving Complex Trauma and PTSD updated with insightful and accessible content. I use a cognitive and somatic (body) based psycho-therapeutic approach to effectively treat Complex Trauma and PTSD. My approach focuses on regulating, processing and containing the processes of dissociation, the fight-flight-freeze-please responses, and relearning boundaries and vulnerability. 

roland bal

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Changed my life!

Your teachings have changed my life. I've learned to observe my amplified reactions to triggers, to feel them in my body as well as releasing the emotional energy that was lodged in me. This has changed my whole world in a very powerful way.


United States

Keen insights regarding the brain in trauma mode.

Roland has keen insights regarding the brain in trauma mode and a deep understanding of how to process and heal from it.



Practical, simple, and effective.

Roland has helped me look at trauma issues from a very practical, simple, and most importantly, effective viewpoint. I've seen a lot of progress on my journey by understanding trauma binding factors, as he describes them.