A Guided Meditation for PTSD: How to Stop Excessive Thinking

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I want to go into why we excessively think. We all experience sometimes that we excessively think. When you're busy or have been busy for a while your thought processes become a bit more activated

This will be a bit more pronounced when you've gone through trauma or suffer from emotional stress.

It is as if the energy goes up into the head and it activates. I've referred to this before as dissociation, which can be mild or can be very pronounced, as with trauma or PTSD.

Without going into the why, or the how, or the when, or the what. Can I ask you to tune into the feeling of those thoughts to start a guided meditation for PTSD.

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This might sound a little bit weird but if you could close your eyes now or after this video. See if you can work with this. Close your eyes just for a moment and tune into the activation in the head area, of your thought processes.

Excessive Thinking and Guided Meditation for PTSD

Can you tune into the busyness, the feeling of the busyness itself. First of all, can you that your thoughts are racing or going in a particular direction when you close your eyes? Now just close your eyes and feel that busyness of your thought processes. It might feel as tension in the head. It might feel as heat in the head. Can you connect with that? Can you connect with those tensions?

This might sound really simple but what you're actually doing is, you're arresting the movement of thought, the processes of thought, by connecting to the physical sensations of it. And, that takes you out of duality.

Your thought processes—when they go on, on their own—always have comparison in them, or projection into the future: "it shouldn't be like this," "Why did this happen," "Why am I still like this," and so forth.

There's always some form of judgment or comparison or guilt or blame with self-reproach in that. The moment you shift into, or shift you focus, your attention, into the feeling, how it sits in your body, you're canceling out that conflictual movement of your thoughts.

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