Dissociation PTSD and How Common of An Occurrence It Is

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A snippet of a conversation between Roland Bal and Art O'Malley. We discussed the occurrence of dissociation, how common it is, and how it expresses itself as excessive thoughts.

Dissociation in PTSD and dissociation, in general, are much more common then we might like to believe. Dissociation isn't an end result. It often is a process where you take your awareness away from one part of yourself, often where the hurt is, and invest that in a more superficial part of yourself, as in addiction and coping mechanisms.

Dealing with Dissociation in PTSD

The cycle of dissociation is perpetuated by your internal reaction to "what is." When you are overwhelmed, your energy moves into thought patterns of "I should" or "I shouldn't." II want or don't want. That internal reaction creates separation and it is that separation that perpetuates your conflict as you are not meeting your hurt at the most basic level.

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