How to Help Someone with PTSD: Intentions of this Website

Why We Need to Address Trauma

How to help someone, or yourself, with PTSD.

Trauma is pervasive in our current society. Trauma is also severely stigmatized and marginalized. It is as if we don't want to look at it and be confronted with it. It is the silent epidemic running havoc in our lives and affecting our health on all levels; mentally, emotionally and physically.

Types of Abuse and How to Help Yourself or Someone Else Who Has PTSD

We seem to want to recognize trauma, and only to some degree, for those who have gone to war or are in high-risk professions but the bulk of occurring trauma happens much closer to us. What runs rampant and are much more common traumas are:

  • CHILDHOOD TRAUMA, ABUSE, AND NEGLECT (not being wanted, incessant comparing, verbal psychological abuse and bullying, divorcing parents, growing up with alcoholic or depressed parents).
  • SEXUAL ABUSE (nearly 1 in 5 women in the US).
  • DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND ABUSE (both in childhood and adulthood).
  • LOSS AND ABANDONMENT(death of son, daughter, brother, sister, dad or mom).
  • POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS AFTER ACCIDENTS (especially car-accidents).

We want to give you the tools to rebound after trauma and lead fulfilling lives. Post-Traumatic Stress doesn't have to be a life sentence; it can be resolved!

Intentions of This Website

What I intend here, through this website is to change the way we think about and how we approach trauma in a constructive way.

And I have created some tools to help you with this.

  1. Trauma Essential eBooks; to outline the mechanisms and processes of Trauma.
  2. Trauma-Care Audio Guided Meditations to work on your own through guided sessions.
  3. And one-to-one individual online sessions.

Resolving Trauma is a process, it is an unfolding of potential, energy, and resources that have been frozen in time in body and mind.

Post-Traumatic Stress, however, doesn't have to be a life sentence; it can be resolved, and I believe together we can do it.

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