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If you are beginning to explore what Post-Traumatic Stress is, how varied it can be, and how it relates to what you have gone through, you might decide not to do one-on-one counseling right off the bat.

You first need to get a bit more familiar with your condition; to get to know the ins and outs of it from a healthy, constructive perspective so that you can do some foundation work on your own.

After years of suffering and countless therapists and medications I am truly relieved to come across Roland and his eBooks that gives me the explanations that have eluded me all of this time at 48. – Elizabeth, Canada

The information is well written and accessible, making it easy to understand, but more importantly to engage with it practically. I have found the material insightful and useful and this makes it a meaningful resource. – Carol, South Africa

I am glad I purchased the eBooks on trauma. They were really easy to read, understand and relate to. They helped me to acknowledge the genuine presence of trauma in my life. – Susan, New Zealand

The Trauma Essential Series

I composed this Trauma Essential eBook Series to help you with just that.

These eBooks are tailored to suit those who are suffering from trauma and are searching for its resolution, and for those who want to learn more about the mechanisms of trauma from a unique perspective.

Here is what they contain:

  • An Exploration of The Inherent Mechanisms of ANY Trauma;

Learn about the fight, flight, freeze and please responses, and what often makes recovery so hard.

  • How Childhood Trauma and Adversities are Related to Reenactment and Adult Disease;

Look at the different layers of trauma which contribute to its complexity and reenactment, and learn how anger, fear, and sadness are tied into that.

  • How to Make Sense of the Variety of Symptoms Which Accompany Post-Trauma;

Get to know the widespread implications of post-trauma on your physical and mental health.

  • Finally, ways to Heal Trauma and Dissociation from an Integrative Body-Mind Approach.

Find out about the pervasiveness and different aspects of dissociation in trauma and what can be done about them, and learn steps to regulate, contain and start to process emotional residue.

Roland Bal


My name is Roland Bal, and I am the founder of this website.

I use a cognitive and somatic (body) based integrative approach to effectively treat Complex Trauma and PTSD.

These eBooks are written in easy to understand language, and have proven to be an excellent resource for laymen and professionals alike.

They go deeply into the processes that present themselves when someone goes through any trauma, whether the trauma is incidental or covers a period in time.



The Way of Trauma

Insights into Post-Trauma Dynamics

This eBook will take you through various aspects of the impacts of trauma, how it is marginalized in our society, and what it does to our nervous system and emotions.

It highlights and explains essential reasons why we fail to overcome trauma, the need for control, the rupture of boundaries and vulnerability, and how trauma restructures our identity.

Reading this book will help you gain insight and understanding into how your mind, heart and emotions function when you are going through, or have gone through trauma.


These eBooks and blog articles have meant the world to me. They tied together symptoms and behaviors that years of psychoanalysis and self study have not done. Now I have an explanation and I can finally get a grip on the problem. – Barry, South Africa

These eBooks have been more helpful to me than the many counselors that I have tried throughout my life. Thank you so much for writing these and making them available to people like me. – Lisa, USA

I bought these books to help me understand more about the immense trauma my wife has been through as a child and as an adult. She absolutely loves these books – so they are helping her and that makes my heart glow its brightest. Thank you so much Roland! – Simon, UK

Lost in Labyrinth

Symptoms and Conditions of Trauma

Symptoms and Conditions as a result of Trauma or PTSD are varied and manifold.

This eBook lays them all out for you and goes deeply into how trauma sets off and contributes to chronic pains, exhaustion, bipolar disorder, depression and addiction.

If you have felt at a loss as to why you suffer certain symptoms and what the relationship is between what you experienced, your emotions and your nervous system responses, this eBook most certainly is going to give you more clarity and understanding.


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These eBooks are in PDF, EPUB, and KINDLE format and can be read on all e-reader and computer devices.
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Healing Trauma and Dissociation

Awakening explores disassociation in a nonconventional way based on real life client-therapist reflections.

Dissociation and disconnection are examined from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective, and are related to different personality types.

The other issue that is covered here are ways in which trauma can be resolved. These include an examination of ways of healing anxiety, fear, desire, overcoming, perspectives of time, resilience and ultimately growth.


I’m loving your e-books and meditations and they are very effective. I’ve never read and heard so much powerful insight packed in such few words on trauma healing. – Ashwin, India

Roland has helped me look at trauma issues from a very practical, simple, and most importantly, effective viewpoint. I’ve seen a lot of progress on my journey by understanding trauma binding factors, as he describes them. – Patrick, USA

All of these books were eye opening and brought me much comfort. I highly recommend any survivor from childhood trauma to read all of Roland’s work. – Violet, Australia

Past - Present - Future

Developmental Childhood Trauma

Most Complex Trauma and PTSD have their roots in disruptive childhood experiences and periods.

This eBook invites you to explore identity and patterning of the nervous system as that relates to childhood trauma. Furthermore, reenactment, developmental and attachment trauma, the habit of illness, suppressed anger, love, sex and vulnerability will be addressed.

This eBook will make you aware of the long-term ramifications of childhood trauma and will open up a different perspective.


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These eBooks are in PDF, EPUB, and KINDLE format and can be read on all e-reader and computer devices.
Download details will be sent to you upon payment.

Get Your Copy of The Trauma Essential Series

Be Part of Transformation and Start Healing from Post-Traumatic Stress


Be Part of Transformation and Start Healing from Post-Traumatic Stress

Bonus: On top of the value of the four Trauma Essential eBooks I am including the Insights into the Complexity of Trauma – Questions and Answers eBook for you.

This eBook displays my unique and particular approach to trauma, which is based on real-life concerns and questions, from people just like you.

These eBooks are insightful and concise, and I am sure you will find them most valuable.

Get your copy of these five eBooks today and be part of a transformation.

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These eBooks are in PDF, EPUB, and KINDLE format and can be read on all e-reader and computer devices.
Download details will be sent to you upon payment.

  • Roland really gets to the heart of what it is like to live every day with C-PTSD . He writes with a unique insight and authenticity rarely found elsewhere. The underlying truth and message is despite any trauma that happened in your life, there is hope.–Niamh, Ireland

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