Heal from Trauma and Our Innate Capacity to Heal

Keywords: Heal Trauma.

Animals in the wild seem to rebound and heal from trauma more easily and naturally than we humans seem to do.

This video shows how a polar bear goes through traumatic stress, and activation of the fight, flight and freeze responses. Towards the end of the video, you will visibly see how the innate healing capacities are activated, through shaking, and how the polar bear moves out of its traumatic state-- making the traumatic experience a part of the past, rather than a continuation in the present.

This innate healing capacity is also present in us! The trouble seems to be that our thought-feeling process, our neo-cortex, hijacks the natural process of resolving and healing traumatic stress that are exhibited by this polar bear and other animals in the wild.

A major part of successful trauma work is to address the body and the nervous system to bring these processes to a natural completion. If you want to see changes in your process, do get in touch!

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