Heal PTSD and Trauma: Having a Right Perspective

Heal PTSD and Trauma: Having a Right Perspective

Heal PTSD:

Did you ever get something or get into something that you thought was great but turned out to be very different from what you expected?

Think of a new job with good rewards but working with your new colleagues turns out to be a nightmare; or you have a great new apartment, historic, big, but you can´t sleep there because of street noise; or you fall in love with someone, and while the relationship progresses your other half becomes abusive.

Perspectives, Our Belief System, and Heal PTSD

Things are not always what they seem. What looks great at first can turn sour, but, equally so, what has gone sour can look different again, even upbeat, given the right perspective.

Perspective is vital to how we interpret reality, as well as to our healing processes. A change of perspective demands flexibility within our belief systems, and this can be challenging but rewarding in the long run.

Everything Can Be Turned Into a Learning Process

Having been subjected to abuse could make you more protective of your boundaries and respectful of your self-worth.

Having gone through a severe illness might change your perspective on evaluating what’s important in your life.

A burnout might make you realize that your job didn’t connect with your passions, and so on.

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How has changing a perspective helped you to heal PTSD? Leave your comment below.

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  • Corey says:

    Mine is a work in progress realizing that what i do matters and that i am making impressions that i didnt realize i was making because of my own negative beliefs about myself and the world. That i am just as worthy as everyone else is and that i am just as capable as everyone else is. Also that everyone truly is human and so am i which means we can make mistakes and learn from them. Trying not to hold grudges with myself and others.

  • Nicole says:

    Perspective always arrives later for me never during. So many experiences for me have turned sour – and it seems to reawaken ptsd symptoms like a perpetual never ending cycle as so many of your articles suggest. Awakens the ptsd in the cells. During the sour times my energy reserves are very low and I need to focus on one or two things to survive. For me faith and knowing I’m doing my best, just letting the waves of pessimism pass, is nb for me in those times. I am not wired for the ‘during sh1t’ only the after. Can tell you lots of good stuff after.