How To Work On Your Containment

You can not process emotion when you do not have sufficient containment.

You can release emotion, but releasing emotion is not the same as processing emotion.

When you are overwhelmed, you dissociate. To reverse the dissociation, you will need to carefully reconnect with the emotions that were overwhelming to you.

Each time you reconnect with the emotion without dissociating or getting overwhelmed again, you build up some resilience. That resilience enables you to contain more of the emotion, and when you can contain more of the emotion that was initially overwhelming to you, you start to process that emotion.

I have been asked several times what I actually mean when I refer to “containment”, and so I have made a video which explains it in more detail.

Have a listen to the video right here, and share with me your comments below:

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  • Jennifer Morse says:

    I am very impressed with your experience and expertise. Thank you for your free video. I am struggling with containment but I haven’t been able to digest the experience completely until just now.

  • Kate says:

    Love it. Complete game-changer.

  • Julie S says:

    Your wisdom is resonating and makes sense. I really appreciate your having shared this.

  • Vladimir says:

    Explained so eloquently, what a beautiful video. Thank you Roland. It resonated with me on all the levels you described. Health, peace, love and joy 🙏

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