Resolving Trauma and PTSD

Dedicated to Resolving Trauma and PTSD through online one-to-one sessions, unique insightful eBooks based on client-therapist interactions, audio guided resolve trauma meditation sessions and online courses. Providing quality valuable tools to profound process awakening.

One-to-one Resolving Trauma and PTSD online counseling sessions are based on a somatic psycho-therapeutic approach, using audio and video. The services and products offered can be accessed worldwide.

Why We Need to Address Trauma

Trauma is pervasive in our current society. It is also severely stigmatized and marginalized; as if we don’t want to look at it and be confronted with it. It is the silent epidemic running havoc in our lives and affecting our health on all levels; mentally, emotionally and physically.

We seem to want to recognize trauma, and only to some degree, for those who have gone to war or are in high-risk professions but the bulk of occurring trauma happens much closer to us. What runs rampant and are much more common traumas are:

  • CHILDHOOD TRAUMA, ABUSE AND NEGLECT (not being wanted, incessant comparing, verbal psychological abuse and bullying, divorcing parents, growing up with alcoholic or depressed parents)
  • SEXUAL ABUSE (nearly 1 in 5 women in the US)
  • DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND ABUSE (both in childhood and adulthood)
  • LOSS AND ABANDONMENT(death of son, daughter, brother, sister, dad or mom)
  • POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS AFTER ACCIDENTS (especially car-accidents)

We want to give you the tools to rebound after trauma and lead fulfilling lives. Post-Traumatic Stress doesn’t have to be a life-sentence; it can be resolved!

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10 Insights to Heal Trauma. Let's do it Together!

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