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If you have PTSD or Complex PTSD, you aren’t just dealing with one symptom only, but with various symptoms that flow from one into the other, seemingly endlessly.

You will have days of being in a shutdown response when you feel depressed, numb, and frozen. On other days, you might be highly activated, anxious, upset, angry or sad, and your thoughts will be all over the place.

Furthermore, you will likely pendulate back and forth between activation and shutdown, deal with some form of addiction to try to manage your stress, and fall into excessive thoughts of guilt, blame, shame, self-reproach or self-defeat.

This is the reality when dealing with Complex Trauma
or PTSD, and this is also why this condition is so often misdiagnosed.

Here is the deal:

I have developed a model that outlines the various layers of dissociation that are part and parcel of any trauma and I have put this model into a resource called The Trauma Care Exclusive Package.

It consists of The Trauma Essentials and The Trauma Care Meditations.

In The Trauma Care Exclusive Package, I have distilled the complexities of trauma into a practical approach which will both help you to understand your symptoms by addressing the cognitive part, and to work through your emotional residue by reconnecting with the body through somatic exercises and meditations.

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Wendee writes “Thank you for your clarity as it lights up my darkness.”

Karan says “An enormous amount of relief.”

Lynn says “They have helped me to better manage my anxiety and my response to intrusive memories.”

Heidi mentions “I made a quantum leap in releasing my own personal trauma and am now living a very happy and fulfilled life.”

Kris writes in “I feel incredibly relaxed after listening to them.”

Alina writes “I am forever grateful for pulling me out of that darkness that was engulfing me each day.”

Mark said “An extremely helpful survival guide for trauma and PTSD to help you learn and better manage PTSD.”

Holly mentions “Your teachings have changed my life.”

Katy mentions “It has been a catalyst for some major realization about where I've come from and where I need to be.”

What Katy, Holly, Mark, Alina, Kris, Sofia, Heidi, Lynn, Karan and Wendee have in common is that they all are dealing with the symptoms that make up Complex Trauma or PTSD; and they made significant progress to either sleep better, reduce their anxiety and hypervigilance, or were able to better manage their symptoms.

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