The Struggle of PTSD and How to Lessen the Conflict

The Struggle of PTSD and How to Lessen the Conflict

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We are educated to overcome practical problems, and so we adopt that same strategy on an emotional level in the belief that it will work out just the same. When you want to learn a language, learn to drive a car, or gain a new skill you have an objective and through effort, you bridge the distance to reach your objective.

When you apply this emotionally you are creating division rather than a solution. For example: If you have a lot of anger and you tell yourself you shouldn’t be angry, then you have created division between what is, which is that you are angry, and where you want to be, which is that you shouldn’t be angry.

Those dual emotional states of being angry and telling yourself you shouldn’t be angry will keep each other in place, and over time start to rotate. Living with anger is frustrating, confusing and creates suffering. Out of that suffering, you form the desire to get rid of anger, to be done with it, or bury it. You make an effort to be kind through suppressing your anger, or by avoiding and judging it, and for a while that might actually work. Whenever you get triggered by something or someone, though, or your energy levels drop, what you suppress will violently surface again, and so you will go round and round from emotional suffering towards a desire to get rid of it and then back again towards suffering.

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