Welcome to this website!

Slowly on we are gaining more traction, more visitors, and more subscribers to this website and hence I am creating a team to keep meeting the needs for those seeking assistance and help me run this website.

Meet the team!


Founder - Roland Bal

If you have visited this website before I will need little introduction. I am the founder of this website and take care of the daily goings of keeping this platform for Resolving PTSD and Complex Trauma updated with insightful and accessible content. Aside from the content, you find here I keep exploring new ways of creating possibilities that could help you in your recovery. Read more about me here.



Marta is my right hand in this project (and she is also my wife!). An interior designer by trade, she now combines feng shui with designing and harmonizing living spaces. Besides her projects, she gives the visual input for this website and has been creating and adjusting the design of this website. Lucky me!

Barun Kumar


Barun takes care of all the technical parts of this website. He is the brain behind this site for making things work flawlessly. From payment systems, pop-ups, share bars, customization, website design implementation, speed and probably a lot more things I am not even aware of. If you need someone reliable and hardworking to help you with your site– you can contact him here.

Art O'Malley


Art recently joined us as a counselor. Ostracized by the board of psychiatry for his progressive views on resolving trauma– I am happy to have him on our team. We are in need of breaking away from the mold of outdated ways of treating trauma and Art fit that description perfectly. To make an appointment and know more about him contact Art here.



I am in need of a female online counselor to augment our team. You will need to have +5 years of experience in the field and preferably have integrated a body-oriented approach to working with trauma. I am not looking for a picture perfect curriculum but I do put a lot of importance on if you can hold the space for others which goes together with having done sufficient personal work and meditation yourself. If you have traveled extensively that would be another plus. If this is you please get in touch with me here.