Quotes on Trauma and PTSD

Quotes on Trauma and PTSD

  • “To find out what you want,you need to learn to express and act on what you don’t want. It is that which helps you to clear your boundaries and intentions.”

  • “It’s imperative to remove yourself from an abusive environment before you can start your healing process.”

  • “Guilt, blame or self-reproach, in terms of trauma, is intrinsically linked to the story of what happened to you; as in flashbacks, replaying of events or reenactment.”

  • “There is the assumption that a change of habit will change one’s emotional well-being, rather than realizing that a change in emotional well-being will facilitate making a change in habit patterns and in turn will promote better health.”

  • “The process of overcoming is endless. Overcoming is not resolution. Overcoming is a looping process where a dominant emotion has to be overcome by its opposite, and it is the opposites that are bound together.”

  • “PTSD, in most cases, is not caused by a stand-alone incident. It is highly linked to developmental issues that have formed character structures, which causes individuals  to attract situations that can be retraumatizing.”

  • “When healthy boundaries have been breached we swing between hyperactivation, fight and flight responses, and hypoactivation, or freeze response, each with their own set of distinct symptoms.”

  • “Perspective is so vital in how we interpret reality, as well as in our healing process. A change of perspective demands a flexibility of our belief systems, and this can be challenging but very rewarding in the long run.”

  • “Going through a traumatic experience or period in life disconnects us from embodiment, from a sense of integrity; it is through connecting to self and others, that we can reestablish that sense of integrity, capacity and healthy boundaries again.”

  • “The longer traumatic residue stays in the body and the mind, the more complex and rooted become the coping mechanisms originally adopted to deal with the emotionally overwhelming experience or period in life.”

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