Online Counseling for Complex Trauma & PTSD

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Feel Safe!

There is no place like home! Safety and trust are big subjects for most have gone through trauma. Online Resolving Trauma Sessions bridges that gap by providing support while being able to stay in your own home.

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Are you an expatriate or live in a remote area? Are you looking for a professional therapist who is able to work in your language, English or Dutch. Online Resolving Trauma Sessions would be ideal for you!

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Safe Time

No need for travel time, traffic jams or even parking tickets! Engaging in Online Resolving Trauma Sessions saves time, literally, while you are in your own home. Cup of tea, computer, connection.. that’s it!

When should I use Online Resolving Trauma Sessions?

When you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed and it interferes in your daily life and relationships. It could be set off by sexual violence, accidents, loss, war, surgery or primitive ritual abuse; or you are troubled by early life history of neglect, abuse, incoherence, as may be the case in growing up with an alcoholic or depressive parent, being an unwanted child, witnessing the divorce of parents while young, comparing yourself or being incessantly compared to others, early life-threatening diseases or other prolonged periods of stress.

Or if you have issues around anger, anxiety, self-worth, depression, relationship and healthy attachment; burn-out or dealing with mid-life crisis.

How does it work?

How many times do I need sessions?

Duration of treatment really varies and is highly dependent on the individual.

The severity of your condition and the need for support will depend on the impact of the experience or period in life you went through, the support you have received or the lack thereof after your ordeal and your state of mind at the moment of trauma.

Generally I work with clients on a weekly basis. I tend to work in a series of sessions with natural breaks in between to allow the mind to rest and process of what we have brought into awareness.

What about support and confidentiality?

Whatever happens in our treatment space stays between us. The only exception would be if you are in acute danger of hurting yourself or others that I might be obliged to contact your local emergency services.

For support, between our sessions, I am available by email contact.

Will you be able to help me?

Will I get attached to you?

What am I paying you for?

I have had extensive training and experience and invest a lot of time into educating myself and holding the space for others. It is for my time and expertise that you are paying a fee. You can also see it as an investment you make for yourself when you work with me as it will improve your relationships, your ability to take on projects, making a living and being successful and more.

Why do you charge for an introduction session?

Rather then a quick face to face I like for you to get a feel of how I work and if it will be for you right from the start.

Our first online introduction session via skype/google hangout consists therefor of an intake and a short session. This initial consult gives us the chance to meet, to get some background information and for you to have an idea of how I work.

You are totally independent from there to decide when and if you want to schedule a next appointment.

What can I hope to gain in therapy and when do I know I am healed?

These are subjective and not easy to answer questions. Gains might be; improvement in relationships, sleeping patterns, ability to handle stress and challenges in life, basically being more resilient and have more a sense of containment and boundaries.

When do you know you are healed? When the past is not being continued in the present. In other words when you are symptom free.

Yes, I am Ready for Transformation..