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There is a time for studying, and there is a time for action.

This page is meant to introduce you to your next step of Healing through Complex Trauma and PTSD Counseling.

Trauma and its processes of dissociation are complex even if it spanned only a single event or incidence; therefore, it is essential that you work with someone who understands you and knows about the intricate mechanism of trauma from the inside out.

To address any trauma, you need a concise, practical and realistic approach that integrates a somatic (body) approach as well as a cognitive understanding.

A cognitive understanding assists in creating a healthy framework and makes you understand what keeps your post-trauma symptoms in place; that your coping reactions (even when apparently destructive) serve a purpose and help to ease blame, shame, guilt, and self-reproach.

This framework will give you context and a constructive perspective from which you can start to contain and process the emotional charge related to trauma, be it developmental or incidental.

However, to see significant change, you will have to also address the somatic or "felt sense" part within therapy.

It is through connecting with the body once again that you can process, release, or integrate emotional residue, thereby reversing the dissociative processes. This needs to be done with care.

Effective therapy emphasizes containment so that you won’t feel overwhelmed again, and helps you to create resources and the resilience you need to work through the tough parts.

I am convinced that we can do this, and it would be an honor to facilitate you on your healing journey.



He helped me resurrect from the ashes. 

I reached out to Roland when I was going through an extremely rough period of my life, on a personal and professional level, which left me technically bed-ridden, mentally traumatized, distrustful and desperate. Roland helped me, via Skype sessions from the safety of my home thousands of miles away, to deal with the manifestations of the traumas one by one, as well as contemplating and defining my feelings and getting in touch with the origin of my traumas to dissolve them without dwelling on the past. He helped me resurrect from the ashes. 


United States

Heal deeper than I had ever experienced.

A lot of what I learned about CPTSD from Roland, I had never heard before. He helped me connect with my struggles and heal deeper than I had ever experienced, with a very gentle but effective approach. My mind and nerves are drastically calmer and I am feeling more grounded, less disassociated, and more hopeful about my future. I now have useful tools to help me as I continue on my journey and try to move forward with my life. He was easy to work with and I felt that he understood my situation more than anyone I have worked with so far. Thank you Roland!

Healing from Complex Trauma, PTSD, CPTSD, Childhood Trauma, Neglect and Abuse

Going through trauma is life changing. It alters your perception of the world and yourself. Post-Traumatic Stress, however, doesn't have to be a life sentence; it can be resolved!
Educating yourself about your condition is a good start, but if you are struggling in life, it is no substitute for professional help. 
If you're ready to take your next step towards healing, reach out and give yourself a chance to feel better!
Working through Post-Traumatic Stress takes tremendous courage. Dealing with trauma is hard work, and it can be confusing.
That's why it is so important that you work with someone who knows recovery from the inside.

How Does PTSD and CPTSD Online Counselling Work?

Hereunder, you will find frequently asked questions and some crucial points to consider before embarking on your healing journey through one-to-one online counselling.

When Should I use Online Counseling Sessions?

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How Does Online Counseling Work?

How Many Times Do I Need Sessions?

The Importance of An Introduction Session

What about Support and Confidentiality?

What Can I Hope to Gain from Online Counseling?

When Do I Know I am Healed?


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Here’s what people are saying about working with Roland

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United States

Making the process a little less frightening.

Thank you, Roland, for making the process a little less frightening, for teaching me how to find acceptance, for watching over me, and reminding me of your teachings each time stress alters the way I perceive my environment and ultimately has me questioning reality. If it weren't for you and your holistic treatment plan I’d still be running, fear-stricken, and stuck in panic. Thank you for helping me create enough space in my mind and body to enjoy life again.


South Africa

Extremely professional and caring.

Roland is extremely professional and caring. I felt seen, hear and understood. His sessions are of the highest quality of excellence. I felt I was in good hands, and well supported and guided. I felt empowered after each session, and grateful for the opportunity to work with him one on one. I feel capable of working through triggering situations in a more self-contained and resilient way thanks to our work together. Many thanks!

Roland Bal

I am the founder of this website and take care of the daily workings of keeping this platform for Resolving PTSD and Complex Trauma updated with insightful and accessible content. I use a cognitive and somatic (body) based psycho-therapeutic approach to effectively treat complex trauma and PTSD. My approach focuses on regulating, processing and containing the processes of dissociation, the fight-flight-freeze-please responses, and relearning boundaries and vulnerability. 

Roland Bal

I am currently not doing any individual sessions.



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United States

Noticed a lot of positive shifts.

Roland is highly educated and experienced when it comes to trauma. He has assisted me greatly in my healing journey. He genuinely cares for those he works with and it shows. I have noticed a lot of positive shifts as I continue to get stronger.



A tremendous impact!

In the brief time you’ve spent with me, you’ve had a tremendous impact on how I interact with myself; I wanted to thank you with my sincerest appreciation and gratitude. I am truly blessed to have been counseled by you.

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