Start Resolving Trauma and PTSD


vink1 Is regular health-care not able to help you and you are in need of professional help?

vink1 Have you read and studied and you want to progress more?

vink1 Are you a coach or counselor and find it tough to deal with complex trauma?

vink1 Are you not advancing anymore or enough with your current therapist or counselor?

  • ‘I reached out to Roland when I was going through an extremely rough period of my life, on a personal and professional level, which left me technically bed-ridden, mentally traumatized, distrustful and desperate. Roland helped me, via Skype sessions from the safety of my home thousands miles away; deal with the manifestations of the traumas one by one, as well as contemplating and defining my feelings and getting in touch with the origin of my traumas to dissolve them without dwelling on the past. He helped me resurrect from the ashes.’–Karen, US

Are you Ready for Transformation


1. Orientation – Do you want to effectively address trauma on a cognitive and somatic level?

2. Experience – Do you want to work with someone who is aware of the physical ramifications that the impact of trauma has and has ample experience in the field?

3. Results – Do you want to see results? Really, you can see lasting results and progress when you:

– Learn how the intricate mechanisms of trauma function.
– Connect the dots of your life patterns and experiences.
– Learn what are your binding factors are and how they keep pathological symptoms ongoing.
– Within a sense of safety; establish resources and re-learn to set boundaries.
– Integrate somatic experiencing and cognitive understanding.


Working with me, a professional, who understands where you are, we can navigate through and assist in trauma resolution. You will have to work for it but we can do it!

  • ‘Thank you Roland for everything that we have done together. You have helped me to access deeply buried feelings and emotions and have made it possible to progress with my life again. It has been invaluable and essential.’–Erica, UK

Book your Introduction Session Now


Our first one hour online introduction session via skype consists of an intake and a session. This initial consult gives us the change to meet, to get some background information and for you to have an idea of how I work.

–  Introduction and individual session costs EUR € 115.00 or the equivalent in USD

–  5 prepaid package sessions are EUR € 85.00  or the equivalent in USD per session

Follow these steps below to choose date, timing and payment options. Once you have gone through the scheduling and payment process we’ll send you an email with the details of your appointment and how to connect to skype or set it up.