Online Counseling — Perseverance Brings Results

In order to keep providing a personal online counseling service to those who are ready, I have created a team of counselors.

Dr. Art O’Malley has recently joined us.

Art’s approach to trauma is in line with mine and with the content you have been following here on this website. He has ample experience in working with complex trauma and PTSD, and integrates a cognitive (top-down) and somatic (bottom-up) approach.

Have a look at his profile here, and you can get in touch with him directly via the contact form below.


Art O'Malley

Dr. Art O’Malley has practiced as a doctor since 1990, and as a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist from 2004 until 2014 for the NHS. He now works in private practice specializing in the treatment of acute and complex traumatic stress disorders.

As an EMDR consultant accredited since 2008, he sees trauma patients of all ages. He has presented widely in the fields of trauma, neglect and the developing brain, attachment disorders, personality disorders, emotional dysregulation in ADHD, and ASD diagnosis and management.

He has trained in EMDR, sensorimotor psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, trauma-focused CBT, and mindfulness.

These approaches form the basis of The Art of Bart: Bilateral Affective Reprocessing of Thoughts as a Dynamic Form of Psychotherapy.

Thanks so much for working with my son. As a psychotherapist, I was intrigued by the approach you take to working with him, noting his body sensations and being led by these to help him begin to get in touch with his emotions. My son has always struggled with articulating his emotions. At the end of the first two-hour session, he said you helped him to engage with his emotions in a way he had never done before. He is growing in being in touch with his feelings and has a more positive outlook on life. Thanks so much and I hope I can learn the Art of BART, sometime, soon. – Wemi Agboaye


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Fees for individual sessions are $ 120.00 / € 100.00 / £ 88.00

Fees for a five package session are $ 495.00 / € 425.00 / £ 375.00

Art has helped me to overcome a traumatic childhood experience which has had a significant impact on my daily life. His work is ahead of our time and has allowed me to move on from my past experiences and not let it affect my life any longer. I have also seen the work which Art has done with my family and can say I highly recommend his work to anybody. It has been a pleasure to get to know Art and his passion for his clients and work. I look forward to working with him again in the future. – Robyn, UK