Complex Trauma & PTSD Online Counseling

A five Session Package

Package for five online counseling sessions through ZOOM using both video and audio and lasting about 50-60min each. After payment, you will be sent details of how to set up your first appointment.

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What Others have Said about Working with me:
  • ‘I am really grateful for your concern, understanding and your immense knowledge. There were times I wouldn’t have known what to do without our next meeting. With an immense THANK YOU!’–Karlota, Germany

  • ‘Thank you Roland for everything that we have done together. You have helped me to access deeply buried feelings and emotions and have made it possible to progress with my life again. It has been invaluable and essential.’–Erica, UK

  • ‘Thank you Roland for your skillfulness and to gently and respectfully take me out of my comfort zone. I have felt supported while connecting with very deep patterns and painful, scary, embarrassing, shameful memories that I had inside and thereby helping and guiding me to transmute and integrate them. It has been like going through a narrow pathway, slowly increasing body and emotional awareness and switching my perspective in a positive way. I feel like I have taken the responsibility over my life back and increased feeling secure within myself again. It has been a subtle, profound and highly effective team work, true alchemy and a blessing for body and soul. I would highly recommend anyone to work with you.’–Ana, Portugal