Meditation for Trauma and How to Get Started

Keywords: Meditation for Trauma.

Post-Traumatic Stress is complex, and it is easy to get lost in where to start and how to approach it. The mind, when overwhelmed and stressed out, naturally dissociates and occupies itself with the “why…?” and “how…?”

That very movement in itself might further derail you, rather than help you to work towards healing and integration.

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Where to Start while Applying Meditation for Trauma

Unfortunately, most meditations and ideas around meditation for trauma are about getting somewhere. About arriving somewhere else from where you are. It is that very pursuit that gives continuation to your conflict rather than solution. It is the constant trying and attempting that diverts you from facing what is, which is where the pain lies.

Once you get this basic of what meditation for trauma consists of, you can then start to apply it.

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