Life Throws Things at You

Life Throws Things at You

Edward comes in asking me to help him to forget what happened to him. If he can just forget everything all will be fine.

Fortunately, I am not in the forgetting business. Attempting to forget is a coping mechanism which, when ‘effective’, would just show up as another, perhaps physical, symptom. The body does not forget; it remembers.

Challenges as Part of Life

Life will keep throwing challenges at you; sometimes big ones and at other times smaller ones. My challenge and uncomfortable start of this year was to dislocate my kneecap and tear some of my knee ligaments during sports (January 2016) which I can tell you is no fun whatsoever.

There are ups and downs, accelerations and decelerations in life. You can’t change it. You can’t wish life to have upbeat episodes come to you indefinitely. You can, but it just won’t happen and you will get frustrated when your expectations aren’t met.

A Non-Dual Approach to Resolving Trauma

Can you instead build up a capacity to neither resist or reject pain nor get overly attached to seeking pleasure, and when you do swing more to one side than the other can you learn from it by observing what’s happening.

It is non-attached observation that (re)builds your capacity, ability and containment again. And as you grow into being more resilient, you simultaneously process your emotional residue.

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