Respect the timings of your sessions

Make sure you are ready to start at the exact time for your appointment to get the most out of your session. You do not have to initiate the call. I will do that each time when we are set to meet.

Keep to your appointments

Missed and canceled sessions (without 48hrs notice), unless re-scheduled (and subject to my availability), are payable in full. Please do your best to keep to your appointment without changing dates.

Record or make notes after a session

It helps immensely to write down the most important insights you get out of a session. Writing is a great tool to measure your progress and materialize thought and emotion into action.

Persevere – at times it will not be easy

Perseverance is essential when you work on your emotional issues. There will be ‘highs’ and there will be ‘lows’ and breakthroughs most often occur just after a ‘dip’ in the process. Thus it is important to keep faith and keep working.

Give some thought as to what you want to work on in your upcoming session

To be prepared and have a sense of idea on what you want to address in the session helps us to focus. In each session we will take our time to explore what is most pressing for you and needs addressing.

Be transparent to your best of your abilities

The work we do together is confidential. It greatly helps your process of healing if you can be as honest and transparent as possible as to what is transpiring for you during sessions. I am aware there are issues which have a lot of shame or embarrassment to it and certain parts of your life might take time to come to the surface or back into memory.

Work diligently

It needs both of our commitment to do the work that will help you grow. I cannot change your live for you but together we can. Regardless of resistances that will come up an intention to want to heal and a commitment to see it happen will help you to work diligently and get the most out of your sessions.

Pay your dues

This is an important part of our energy exchange and will help me to keep available to others who equally need my assistance. Please make your payments before your session commences.