Resolving Trauma and PTSD

I am dedicated to helping others in Resolving their Post-Traumatic Stress and have set up various resources, through this website’s platform, to achieve that. Apart from the blog posts and videos, you will find help through The Trauma Essential Series, The Trauma Care Audio Guided Meditations and one-to-one Online Counseling and, thereby, providing valuable quality tools to a profound process awakening.

I use a cognitive and somatic (body) based psycho-therapeutic approach to effectively treat complex trauma and PTSD and my particular approach focus on regulating, processing and containing the processes of dissociation, the fight-flight-freeze-please responses, and relearning boundaries and vulnerability.

About me

I am about learning and exploring. Endlessly.

Although I try to pace myself I often have three books on the go, I am following, or I am interested in various studies, I have a few travels planned and I am working on several projects.

I dropped out of school when 19 out of sheer boredom and getting into too much trouble with substance use, due to not learning at school. I dislike straitjackets, labels and small boxes.

The world became my classroom, foreign cultures, and countries my lessons, and all the beautiful people I have been fortunate enough to connect with, my teachers. I hit the road and spend years looking for truth in India and south-east Asia. I sat with Rinpoches in remote monasteries in the Himalayas and with revered Swami’s in their ashrams, but it didn’t do it for me.

The truth is within, as the saying goes. And so I began.

It has not all been a bed of roses and sunshine for me. I know intense suffering, loss, and loneliness and what it feels like to be locked up in one’s mind. Pride has been my barrier many times, preventing me from opening up and moving forward. Eventually, it became my ally and pride has grown into discernment rather than an obstacle.

Roland Bal

It is experiential knowing that rocks my boat which is a combination of knowledge and felt experience. It is that which I seek when connecting with others or pursuing new fields of explorations.

It is essence and simplicity that I am interested in while going beyond or moving through complexity. It is that state of meditation without effort where you feel you are coming back home within yourself.

Of all the different fields of study and explorations, it is this that remains for me the most vital, the most essential to touch upon; to feel alive, to feel sanely human. Essence and simplicity is my starting point and ending point when I work with you one-on-one when I give courses or presentations.

Knowledge and experience is all the fluff and filling in between, but allow me to give you a little of that as well to satisfy your curiosity:

I am living in Barcelona currently with my lovely wife. My travels, and living in different countries forced me to learn various languages which include; English, Dutch (native language), French, German and now also Spanish. I started working with people one-on-one when I was 22 and was initially interested in resolving and working with chronic pains. I had private practices in Holland and Luxembourg previously before moving to Spain. Currently, I work online providing counseling and online courses with a focus on Resolving Trauma and PTSD.

My life and work influences for many years and to this day are the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti and subsequently Prof. David Bohm; Vipassana meditation and dream work based on Carlos Castaneda/Don Juan,  John O’Neill, and Robert Monroe.

My primary fields and backgrounds of study are Cranio-Sacral therapy; Visceral Manipulation, Somatic Emotional Release, Somatic Experiencing, Developmental Trauma, and Coaching.

My related fields of study through supervision, personal therapy or colleague interactions are Jungian psychotherapy, Gestalt, Hypnotherapy, Non-violent Communication, Positive Psychology, Theatre and Martial Arts.

That said, it is the many years of group dialogue interactions and working with many clients that have taught me the most over the years. It is people like you and me really, connecting, sharing suffering and touching upon a state of loving, which allows us to be more inherently ourselves.

Connect with me and make that journey towards coming home within yourself again!


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